There are many reasons why a child might need extra support in a playgroup or a nursery setting. Without support a child with additional   needs may be unable to access a pre-school provision and miss out on learning opportunities provided by playgroups and private nurseries.

It is the aim of CSNIPs that all children should be able to have access to a pre-school learning experience. Within our financial resources CSNIPs will try to fund some playfriend support in the provision attended by a child with additional support needs. Fife Council guidance to Early Years considers a child to have additional support needs if he or she has the involvement of 2 or more services in addition to universal services eg   speech & language therapy, a paediatrician, occupational therapy or   physiotherapy. We will accept applications for children with additional support needs from the age of 2 ½ years.

Health Visitors and Pre-school Educational Home Visitors can support families and provisions to apply for playfriend support. The number of sessions where support may be available depends on the needs of the child and the financial resources available through CSNIPs.



For further information contact the CSNIPs Co-ordinator on 01383 851204 or via the enquiry form on the contact page.

Pat Graham

Vice Chair.







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