The idea for developing an inclusive scheme for pre-school children with additional support needs was first discussed.

SPPA had been running a similar small scale “play friending” scheme in North East Fife which had strong links with the Educational Home Visiting Team.

SPPA Fife Region developed the project further by applying for a BBC Children In Need grant and appointing a co-ordinator for the project enabling nine children to attend playgroups Fife wide. Mandy Mayo was employed as co-ordinator.

It was clear that the £6000 awarded by the grant didn’t go far and it was decided to approach Fife Council Children and Families Team for extra funding.

We were successful in securing additional funding and many more families went on to benefit from their playgroup experience.

A name was need and CSNIPs was born. -Children with Special Needs in Playgroups-


CSNIPs became a charity in its own right and Val Adamson was employed as co-ordinator.

We continued to be funded by BBC Children in Need and Fife Council.

As the project grew so did the number of Children requiring support and it was clear that available funding would not meet the demand.


At this point we were supporting 27 children in playgroups.

CSNIPs then entered into a service level agreement with Fife Childcare Partnership enabling us to support children not only in playgroups but within private nurseries aswell.


This year saw us changing our name slightly to become Children with Special needs in pre-school to encompass both nurseries and playgroups.

We also adopted the strapline support for care and learning.

We adopted a logo for the project and a new style annual report.

The project continued to develop and EHV Pat Graham joined the committee as an advisor.


The project promoted its services by printing and distributing information packs and posters for service users.

Chris McConnell (FCEYS) was appointed as our link worker.

We successfully secured funding for three years from FCEYS.


We launched our website.

In 2012 we celebrated 20 years of the work of the project.

We received £5000 from the Mary Leishman Foundation.

We received £8740 from Awards for All.

In partnership with FCEYS we launched a pilot project to support children in Fife Council nurseries. We received £10000 and named the project “The Early Entry Project”.

The Early Entry Project was a success and we secured additional funding to continue this work for the academic year 2013/2014.

32 Children have been supported by CSNIPs in 2013/2014 through the core work and 11 Early Entry children.

As always funding remains an issue and as such a lot of the co-ordinators time is used sourcing additional funding to continue the valuable work of the project.


In April 2014 we received additional funding which allowed CSNIPs to
increase the Co-ordinator's hours from 8 to 20 per week in line with the increasing workload and expansion of the project.

In August 2015 The Early Entry Project ceased to be maintained by CSNIPs and was absorbed into the work of Fife Council.

CSNIPs went through the lengthy process of becoming a SCIO , this was finalised in June 2016.

In 2018 CSNIPs had the main  funding stream stopped. 

CSNIPs is no longer funded by Fife  Council. 

We  continue to  support children and are actively sourcing alternative funding streams.
















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